Fresh Eyes on Payroll

Payroll professionals are no strangers to navigating the complex world of compliance.

The State of the Australian Recruitment Market

Watch an insightful one-on-one chat between Frontier Software CEO, Nick Southcombe and John Rowlinson, Coach and Mentor, where we will take a close look at the current recruitment landscape in Australia. 

Is a four-day work week right for your business?

Frontier Software recently took part in a webinar with HR Leaders where we discussed the rising prevalence of 4-day work weeks. The webinar sought insights from stakeholders in HR and leadership and from employees currently working a 4-day week.

Are you prepared to navigate the Changing Payroll Landscape?

Recent changes to legislation has seen the payroll landscape in Australia evolve at an unprecedented pace. So, it’s crucial for HR professionals to stay informed and prepared if they want to avoid penalties.

Is AI the reaper of great opportunity of the grim reaper in disguise?

Join us and our panel of experts as they discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by AI. One thing is for certain, AI is here and growing in importance, so business professionals need to understand how to leverage its value. This webinar will help you decide. 

The role of technology in the changing HR paradigm

Changing times call for a change in how HR delivers its services. In a world experiencing a convergence of pandemic and economic turbulence, as well as changing employee perceptions of work, HR teams are being challenged to review their existing paradigms to remain competitive.

Getting Business Transformation Right

Payroll should act as the smoke alarm in your business. The data you hold in your payroll and HCM solution should provide your organisation with a wealth of actionable insights. Insights that drive decision making and set your strategic direction.

New Engagement and Retention Ideas

Every organisation is competing to secure the best talent they can find. But as every HR professional knows, luring and engaging the right employee is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in keeping them.

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Recruiting and Onboarding in Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting organisations with unprecedented challenges around attracting, onboarding and managing employees. So how should we be approaching recruitment in the 'new normal'?

Can Payroll be your Workforce Smoke Alarm?

The data you hold in your payroll and HCM solution should provide your organisation with a wealth of actionable insights. Insights that drive decision making and set your strategic direction.

Revisiting Single Touch Payroll

Phase 2 of STP will enable even greater visibility of employee payments and superannuation reporting. With even more detail required for STP reporting, employers have more to do to ensure they remain STP ready.

Who's minding Payroll

Payroll can be stressful sometimes, and never more so than during the current global pandemic. So how can organisations ensure their payroll teams are resilient, engaged and thriving during these unprecedented times? 

Should you be offering On-Demand Pay?

On-Demand Pay has been touted as a game changer for HR and a disruptor to Payroll. This webinar discusses what on-demand pay is, what’s in it for employers and staff and what to consider before providing the service.

Webinar - Tile Single Solution

What Makes a Single Solution Single?

When selecting a payroll and HR solution, organisations have lots of choice. But how can you really tell if you are dealing with a single solution vendor or a vendor offering multiple products as one? Which is the best approach?

Compliance Best Practices for Payroll Professionals

Organisations have a fundamental obligation to pay their employees correctly. This webinar discusses what you can do to audit your payroll processes to avoid compliance issues. 

How Payroll Supports Employee Engagement

It's a fundamental measure of employer commitment. So how does accurate and timely payroll impact employee morale and engagement? 

Payroll Outsourcing Made Easy

Payroll outsourcing is a smart way to mitigate for any payroll risk. Find out why so many organisations trust their payroll to the professionals at Frontier Software.

Selecting a Diverse Workforce

Countless studies have demonstrated that diverse workforces are more productive and provide greater returns for shareholders. this webinar will show you how to build a robust, multifaceted approach with solid, objective data. 

Demystifying the Annualised Salary Changes

In Australia, there are 20 modern awards affected by the Fair Work Commission’s decision on Annualised Salaries. Are some of your employees impacted?

Creating Empowered Leaders

No matter what industry or organisation you work in; the challenges faced by leaders are the same. Listen to Shelley Flett discuss how HR can empower leaders using a Dynamic Leadership model.

Business Case for Changing Payroll

No-one wants to be the organisation that makes news headlines due to payroll disasters. Discover why developing and presenting a winning business case for a new payroll is of paramount importance.

The Only Thing Constant is Change

Nothing is more certain than change. Join Alma Besserdin,a noted Leadership Coach and Mentor, as she provides tips on the fundamental process of change management.

Is your Payroll ready for GDPR

Join this webinar to hear more about the implications of the EU GDPR to your payroll functions and teams.