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ichris is the foundation for our HR Software solution, on which all else depends. A browser interface that is intuitive, easy to use and delivers comprehensive HR functions.

Human Capital Intelligence

A business intelligence engine that delivers powerful data insights. Configurable dashboards and monthly summaries offer drill-down facilities to monitor your workforce data. Enjoy delivery of point-in-time comparisons straight to your desktop.

Organisation Charting

Create visual representations of your organisation structure. You can visualise teams, departments, locations or entire organisations using the relationships already established in ichris.

Intelligent Workflow

This powerful design tool uses data from the ichris database to help you to build templates that automate HR processes via a Self Service interface.

Recruitment Management

A recruitment management system and web-based applicant portal to manage the recruitment process for all types of vacancy. Easy-to-use and efficient features support the recruitment process, from advertising the vacancy to short listing and interviews through to final job offer.


Streamline and automate the tasks associated with hiring new people, replacing slow, manual, and repetitive paper-based processes with a seamless digital experience.

Learning and Development

Manage learning event attendance, reserve places on courses or seminars and book accommodation, as well as capture course evaluation, attendee history, cost control and budget management.

Performance Management

Align business-specific KPIs with organisational strategy through multiple, tailored online performance plans. Streamline and automate the performance management process using self service access and workflows.

Remuneration/Salary Reviews

Take control of remuneration reviews. Stop using spreadsheets and automate the process, including all the elements that affect the salary increase calculation.