“The Frontier Software solution is so easy to use. I am always assured of our compliance.”

Kerry Bromell, Payroll Manager, Bremworth Ltd.

Bremworth is an internationally recognised supplier of premium quality New Zealand wool carpets and has been a client of Frontier Software for over 20 years. What keeps a client with Frontier Software New Zealand for such a long time? If you ask Kerry Bromell, Payroll Manager at Bremworth, it boils down to capability.

“The Frontier Software solution is so easy to use. I am always assured of our compliance because any Holiday Act or income tax changes are programmed by Frontier Software. I also know that my Account Manager and helpdesk staff are knowledgeable and able to help whenever I need them.” Prior to adopting Frontier Software’s payroll solution, five people were needed to process the Bremworth payroll. At the same time, extracting reports on overtime, leave taken or leave entitlements was very difficult and time-consuming. After implementing PAY21, Bremworth saw immediate benefits. Most notably, they only needed one employee to process payroll, and this task was completed in considerably less time than before.

Implementing Self Service in 2014 enabled employees to see and manage their own data. This was further enhanced by adopting mobile HR, which empowers employees to transact on any mobile device wherever they are. “The immediacy of the transactions is very popular amongst staff”, says Kerry. “Employees have visibility and control over their data and can query balances and submit transactions whenever they like. I can’t imagine payroll without Frontier Software and I can’t imagine the payroll function without Self Service”.



Industry sector: Manufacturing
Customer since: 1998
Headcount: 260 employees
Delivery method: On-premise
Solution: Payroll, Self-service, Mobile HR
Country: New Zealand


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